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My Self Reliance June Social
My Self Reliance June Social

Sat, Jun 15


Rouse Hill

My Self Reliance June Social

A free event for members to Grow, Connect & Thrive. June is Dry Food Storage Solutions

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Time & Location

Jun 15, 2024, 9:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Rouse Hill, 16 Bellcast Rd, Rouse Hill NSW 2155, Australia

About the event

Monthly Self Reliance Social: Learn, Connect & Thrive 

Join us for our monthly My Self Reliance social event, where members can learn, connect, and thrive together. This is a free event for members, and guests can join for just $10 at the door.

 What to Expect: 

  • Networking & Socializing: Meet like-minded individuals, share your ideas, skills, and products.
  • Food & Fun: Bring a plate of food to share with everyone.
  • Educational Demonstrations: This month, we’re focusing on Dry Food Storage solutions.  Bring Mylar Bags and dry foods like rice, oats, lentils, beans, pasta, or flour. If you don’t have these items, we’ll have some organic dried foods available for purchase (limited quantity, first come first served). 
  • You will take home your dry foods all packed and sealed, ready to store. 
  • Survival Kits: Survival kits will be available for sale.
  • Family-Friendly: Bring your family along! There’s a park, cafe, pool, and tennis court conveniently located next to the community center.
  • Zac from the Power of the Pulse will be there with his machine to demonstrate how it works to heal yourself of nano tech from your body

We look forward to seeing you there and making the most of our time together!

Where: 16 Bellcast Rd Rouse Hill (Behind the tennis courts)  

When: Saturday 15th May 9.30pm - 1pm

What to bring:  Plate of food to share.  Dry Foods, Cash for purchases, your family and friends, any products/ skills that you would like to share with the group

The next social is Saturday 27th May 9.30 - 1pm at same location. If you would like a MSR Social in your area please contact Kelli 0433664444 

A bit about Mylar Bag Food Storage Solutions

Mylar bags are an excellent food storage solution for several reasons:

  1. Barrier Protection: Mylar bags provide an effective barrier against moisture, oxygen, light, and pests, which helps to preserve the quality and extend the shelf life of stored food.
  2. Durability: Mylar is a strong, puncture-resistant material, ensuring that the food inside is well-protected from external factors.
  3. Light Blocking: Mylar bags block out light, which can degrade food over time by causing oxidation and nutrient loss.
  4. Versatility: They can be used to store a wide variety of dry foods, including grains, beans, pasta, flour, and more.
  5. Ease of Use: Mylar bags are easy to seal, often with a simple heat sealer, which creates an airtight seal that keeps food fresh.
  6. Long-Term Storage: When combined with oxygen absorbers, Mylar bags can keep food fresh for years, making them ideal for long-term storage and emergency preparedness.
  7. Compactness: They are flexible and can be stored in various containers, making them space-efficient and convenient for organizing food storage.

Overall, Mylar bags are a reliable and efficient method for preserving the quality and extending the shelf life of dry foods.

When using Mylar bags for food storage, here are some important tips and considerations to keep in mind:

 1. Choose the Right Size and Thickness:

  • Select the appropriate size of Mylar bag based on the quantity of food you plan to store.
  • Thicker bags (at least 5 mils) offer better protection against punctures and tears.

 2. Use Oxygen Absorbers:

  • Oxygen absorbers are essential for preserving food quality by removing residual oxygen from the sealed bag.
  • Choose the right size of oxygen absorbers based on the volume of the Mylar bag and the type of food being stored.

 3. Proper Sealing:

  • Use a heat sealer, such as a flat iron, hair straightener, or specialized heat sealer, to create an airtight seal.
  • Ensure the seal is complete and there are no gaps or wrinkles along the sealed edge.

 4. Labeling:

  • Label each Mylar bag with the contents and the date of storage.
  • This helps you keep track of what you have stored and when it was stored.

 5. Storage Conditions:

  • Store Mylar bags in a cool, dry, and dark place to further extend the shelf life of the food.
  • Avoid exposing the bags to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

 6. Handling and Checking:

  • Handle the bags carefully to avoid punctures or tears.
  • Periodically check stored bags for any signs of damage or air leakage.

 7. Suitable Foods:

  • Mylar bags are ideal for dry foods such as grains, rice, beans, pasta, flour, sugar, oats, and powdered milk.
  • Avoid storing foods with high moisture content or those that require refrigeration.

 8. Avoid Overfilling:

  • Leave enough room in the bag for the oxygen absorbers and to ensure a proper seal.
  • Overfilling can make it difficult to achieve a secure seal.

 9. Double Protection:

  • For added protection, consider placing the sealed Mylar bags inside food-grade buckets or other sturdy containers.
  • This provides an additional barrier against pests and environmental factors.

 By following these tips, you can maximize the effectiveness of Mylar bags for long-term food storage, ensuring that your supplies remain fresh and safe for future use. 

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