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Join My Self Reliance Community: Grow, Connect & Thrive

Are you ready to take control of your life and thrive in an ever-changing world? Welcome to My Self Reliance (MSR), where our mission is to bring people together to educate, inspire, and connect. Our motto is Grow, Connect & Thrive, and we are looking for doers like you—individuals who are committed to achieving complete freedom to act and make informed decisions.


Why Join Now?

The world is experiencing unprecedented change and upheaval. From global chaos to the rapid rise of AI, the pace of change is faster than ever. In such times, being self-reliant is not just an option; it’s a necessity. At MSR, we believe in the power of preparedness, and we have developed a unique method to help you become more self-reliant: P.R.E.P.


What is P.R.E.P?

  1. Problem Identification: Understand and assess the problems you face. Whether obvious or hidden, identifying the root of the issue is the first step toward solving it.

  2. Resource Management: Evaluate what you have and what you need. Identify the people who can help and the resources necessary to overcome your challenges.

  3. Education for Life: Continuous learning is key. Determine what you need to learn to grow, move forward, and develop. Learning is an ongoing journey, and MSR is here to support you.

  4. People and Community: Our community is everything. Connect with a tribe of like-minded individuals who provide mutual support, guidance, and encouragement.


Benefits of Joining MSR

  • Access to Exclusive Programs and Resources: Gain insights and tools designed to help you become more self-reliant in areas such as food, finances, health, education, and relationships.

  • Community Support: You don’t have to face challenges alone. Our community is here to support you every step of the way.

  • Workshops and Events: Participate in workshops, community Zoom calls, camps, dinners, working bees, EXPOs, festivals, and retreats. These events are discounted for members and tailored to help you become the most prepared, uplifted, and resilient person you can be.

  • Empowerment: By adopting the PREP method, you will significantly enhance your autonomy, empowering you to take control of your life and decisions.


Join Us Today

At MSR, we believe that we are more effective when we work together. Join a community of happy, proactive individuals who are committed to growing, connecting, and thriving. Sign up on our website and start your journey toward complete self-reliance.

Together, we can handle life’s curveballs and navigate the ever-changing world with confidence. Join My Self Reliance today and become part of a supportive, empowering community dedicated to your success.

Grow, Connect & Thrive.

Events & Workshops
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  • MSR July Social 72Hr Kit / Grab n Go Bag
    MSR July Social 72Hr Kit / Grab n Go Bag
    Jul 20, 2024, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
    Jul 20, 2024, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
    How prepared are you in the event of an emergency? If you only had 5 mins to grab anything you can what would you take?
  • J.I.G.S.A.W Method | Morning Routine - Putting the pieces together for a successful day!